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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Direct link to the mp3

  • What is podsafe music?
    • Welcome and welcome back

      • digiaudio.podcast@gmail.com - send show suggestions
      • digiaudio.blogspot.com - show notes and articles

    • Notes on last show - Windows audio editing with VST support - Cubase SE $99 at Amazon. Might be a decent PC based low-cost option that supports VST and thus RMS buddy, but I'm not sure it's the holy grail of low cost options
    • Update on Sony MZ M10 minidisc recorder - used for long conference recording (need PC to download compressed files) - worked great. Push record come back 4 hours later
    • Tried Audacity 1.3 beta with VST enabler- no love
    • Disclaimer: do not take this as legal advice. I am not a lawyer and make no guarantees on the accuracy of this information.
      • Copyright and fair use.
        • Any work is copywritten by default in US
        • Fair Use is not well defined for digital media like it is with text
        • Intro to copyright Garon lecture. mp3: http://www.hamline.edu/law/audio/copyrightintro.mp3
      • Podsafe:
        • Made yourself - in GB or Acid on the PC.
        • Royalty free loops in GB3 or Apple loops or otheres (link to loops). Link to free loops: http://www.icompositions.com/site/tour/freeloops/ 789 free loops listed. Or buy something like Apple's Jam Packs - great stuff but $99 each for about 3,000 loops
        • Podsafe Music Network. Musicians agree to allow others to use. http://music.podshow.com/ - don;t know the ins and outs of the license agreement but the basic idea is indie artists sign up to have podcasters play their music in exchange for a mention and a link.
        • Creative Commons licensed music - usually must give just attributuion. (link to CC site and links Opsound).
          • Key ideas are some rights reserved: attribution, derivatives, non-commercial and share alike
          • Links
            • Creative Commons site and search - http://creativecommons.org/
            • Opsound - http://www.opsound.org/info/about/
            • Our Media - http://www.ourmedia.org
            • Creative Commons search - http://search.creativecommons.org
            • Yahoo creative commons search: http://search.yahoo.com/cc
            • Google advanced search allows search for CC works (look for usage rights option) - http://www.google.com/advanced_search
        • Commercial music - stay away. I don't think there is a clear definition of fair use and labels seem to be of the opionion that any use is not fair use.
        • Wrap up
          • digiaudio.podcast@gmail.com - send show suggestions
          • digiaudio.blogspot.com - show notes and articles

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