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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Episode 2 - Usb Microphones

Episode 2 - Usb microphones. Direct link to the show (5.7 mb mp3).

Show notes. Products mentioned:
Logitech usb microphone
Plantronics usb headsets
Samson Usb C01U Condenser Microphone
Blue Snowball Usb Condenser Microphone

Dr. Mac's (Bob Levitus) review of the Blue Snowball mic.
Macintouch review of the Samson C01U mic.
The PodSqoad podcast review of the Samson C01U mic. (The C01U microphone is actually used in this podcast so you can hear how it sounds).

Behind the Scenes podcast excellent 2 part series on guerilla podcasting (podcasting with inexpensive equipment)
Watch for a new series of espisodes called "Review Your Rig" coming very soon. Send me an audio (high quality mp3, aiff or wav file) review of your rig at digiaudio.podcast@gmail.com

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