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Thursday, November 09, 2006

FDA 22 Lessons Learned

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  • Lessons Learned
    • Notes
      • Special thanks to Peet Sneakes of the Sneaker.fm podcast for being a guest host of this episode of FDA

      • FDA Now part of the Home Recording Network: http://www.homerecordingnetwork.com/

      • Adobe Soundbooth

        • http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/soundbooth/

        • Try Adobe® Soundbooth. Soundbooth is a brand new application built in the spirit of Sound Edit 16 and Cool Edit that provides the tools video editors, designers, and others who do not specialize in audio need to accomplish their everyday work such as: Editing audio quickly, Cleaning up noisy audio, Visually identifying and removing unwanted sounds, Recording and polishing voiceovers. Adding effects and filters, Easily creating customized music‹without musical expertise.

        • Free during beta

      • O'reilly Digital Media article on editing audio - specifically dealing with plosives in your recording. Basically the tip is the run a high - pass filter at about 1100hz to reduce the bite of the plosive. Samples to listen before and after as well as the full article is at http://digitalmedia.oreilly.com/2006/10/26/quickstart-digital-audio-editing.html

      • Lessons Learned
        • Avoiding and reducing noise in your recording
          • Sit in the room where are you plan to record and listen. Do you hear:
            • Your kids
            • your washing machine
            • Your spouse watching TV
            • your refridgerator?
            • your PC's fan
            • your other PC or Mac?
            • Your external hard drive?
          • What to do?
            • Some are easy - record when everyone else is gone or sleeping
            • PC - my emac is loud. I put it in sleep mode and use the powerbook
            • my story - started with garageband but kept getting a lot of background noise. Started recording in GarageBand but the GB3 upgrade really made my cpu work hard and kicked in the fan all the time. So I started using Audio Hijack Pro to record and that was better but still had some noise. Then I realized my firewire drive is audible in the recordings so I disconnected it and recorded to the internal drive and this was much better. Most of the backround noise was gone
            • If you still have noise - run a noise gate. Record a minute of ambient noise and then run a noise gate. Turn the volume up in your headphones and play with the threshold, attack, release and ratio until you are satisfied
            • Current Workflow -> record AHP, edit Fission, Mix GB3
        • Peet - on the road to the ultimate sound
        • Geoff - minimizing noise in your recording
        • Apple's online podcast seminar
        • Inteview with Rick Pepper on voice processing with a punch
        • Rick's setings for the au graphic eq and the au multiband compressor
    AU Graphic EQ

    AU MulitBand Compressor

    AU Dynamics Processor

    MDA Bandisto (vst plugin)

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